What’s an office without a desk?

wood office deskThe most essential piece of office furniture is the desk, creating a place to work and a means of establishing order and organization in the workplace. A desk can be simple, inexpensive and utilitarian, or an expensive, decorative and impressive status symbol. At B & C Office Furniture, we carry them all, so whether you are looking for an inexpensive desk for your mailroom clerk or a stately executive desk for your CEO, we are your one stop shop for office furniture.

When you work with B & C Office Furniture, you can browse our catalogs for solid wood desks, or you can get less expensive desks with a wooden or laminate veneer. We carry modular desks that allow you to create an L-shaped work space by adding a return on either the left or right side, as your space allows. Our modular desks can be purchased with drawers or filing units to go under the desktops, further customizing your desk to create the perfect workspace for you or your employees.

If you are looking for an easy, convenient and economical way to purchase an office desk in Long Island, New York City or New Jersey, call B & C Office Furniture to make an appointment to shop for the desk you’ve always wanted, without ever leaving your office.